About Us

Hey! We are Cleva, a small company based in Boca Raton, Florida. We sedulously curate the latest trendy, cool, and amazingly priced fashionable women's apparels without you breaking a bank ! We are constantly scouring fashion magazines, TV and more for today's top trends and styles. 

We put emphasis on clothing that are invigorating and makes you more of the cynosure that you already are!

We only carry few collections instead of offering wide catalogs of items like most stores you see. Quality over quantity as they say! Stay tuned for swimwear, bottoms, and accessories collection in our store soon.

We're confident that you'll love our apparels! We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee plus free shipping. Thanks for checking us out! Happy Cleva shopping!


A Cause, For a Better World

We're excited to share the proceeds to our plan in opening a school orphanage. We also set aside a fund for providing school supplies, books, and bags for the less fortunate children in the coming years.

It's nothing big, but we believe that this small act can make immense changes that can steer them to a brighter future.